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Double demerits will be in place over the entire long-weekend for all speeding, mobile phone, seatbelt and motorcycle-helmet offences.

Operation Slow Down, the State’s Labour Day weekend road safety campaign, starts after Midnight tonight (12.01am on Friday 29 September 2017), and will continue until 11.59pm on Monday 2 October 2017.

Double demerits will be in place over the entire long-weekend for all speeding, mobile phone, seatbelt and motorcycle-helmet offences.

Officers will be out in force during the operation targeting speeding, which contributes to about 40% of fatal crashes, and other dangerous driving behaviours.

Deputy Commissioner Specialist Support, Catherine Burn, said drivers need to slow down this weekend to avoid more tragic loss of life.

“In addition to the 287 people who have been killed on NSW roads this year, hundreds more have been seriously injured and traumatised. All it takes for even more people to be hurt or killed this weekend is for a road user to make one bad choice.

“The stark truth is that nearly every one of us knows of someone who has been involved in a crash on our roads.

“We all know that speeding kills. We all know that looking at your phone means you’re not fully focussed on the task at hand. We all know that seat belts save lives, and that drink-driving creates a real risk to yourself and everyone else around you.

“So this long weekend, if you choose to speed, to look at your phone, to drink and drive, it’s not just yourself you’re putting at risk, it could be someone you know and love that you’re putting at risk.

“This weekend we are urging every road user to really think about the choices you make in order to prevent someone from riding home in the back of an ambulance, or worse.

“Think about the choices your make this weekend, because the consequences of a bad decision can be disastrous for you and other people on our roads,” Deputy Commissioner Burn said.

NSW Minister for Police and Minister Emergency Services, Troy Grant encouraged people across NSW to enjoy the long weekend with family and friends, but to do so with road safety in mind at all times.

“The weather is getting warmer and kids across the State are enjoying their school holidays. There is no doubt it is a wonderful time of year, but we can never lose sight of our goal of a zero road toll.

“When you behave dangerously behind the wheel, you aren’t just putting your own life at risk, you are endangering the lives of other innocent road users.

“Don’t turn this weekend of fun and festivities into a tragedy. Consider how your decisions could impact others and take heed of the police’s warnings,” Minister Grant said.

Minister for Roads, Maritime and Freight, Melinda Pavey, urged drivers to listen to the Operation Slow Down message.

“Make sure you stick to the road rules and take your time, if you feel tired, pull over and take a break – your family and friends would rather you are a bit late than lose you forever.

“The last thing we want is for you to lose your licence, but we’d rather you lose your licence than lose your life.

“Mobile phones, speeding, not wearing a seatbelt or helmet are all contributing factors in fatal crashes, don’t become a statistic this long weekend,” Minister Pavey said.